Tech Support and Ecommerce Businesses

Ecommerce Businesses Are highly exposed to risk of payment processing that involves lots of jeopardies to carry out transaction safely. Payment gateway for tech support Business works like safe tunnel to process money from customer’s account to merchants account. Any kind of mistake can affect their bottom line margins, hence there are few tips that could be useful for every high risk merchants to carry out their business successfully.

Be careful of Unidentified Email Ids

Anonymous mail ids for merchant account holders are not suitable from the online transaction point of view. You have to very careful while dealing with any kind of transaction done through credit card. While accepting payments through credit card, ecommerce merchants should be careful about unverified contact numbers or billing addresses or other personal details.

IP Address Detection of Credit Card

Merchants should have technology to detect the IP address of the credit card owners that helps to filter out the customers easily without much effort. Merchant account service provider can use geo-location IP tracking technology to track the IP address of the credit card user. This technology helps to know the location and country of the customers.

Detecting Proxy Server Technology

Fraudulent credit card owners can use your ecommerce portal directly using proxy servers to hide their actual IP address. Payment gateway for tech support accepts payments and don’t know who is actually behind the using credit card. But with the help of advance technology such IP can be easily detected that helps to minimize the chargebacks due to false transactions.

The Validation Process of Credit Cards

High risk merchants like Tech support and Ecommerce mainly accept money through credit cards, as it has facility to chargeback if any false transaction happens. Hence, every high risk merchant should have an efficient credit card validation system to avoid unnecessary chargebacks. Strong validation system helps to verify the personal details of credit card owners.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

If a customer is facing payment related any issue, a customer support center should be also part of business. A 24-hour customer service will help card owners to report immediately if any false transaction made through their credit card to make payment against their service. May be at the time of transaction payment gateway for tech support business not able to detect the actual identity of the card owner and validate the transaction at that moment.

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